We offer consultancy services to cover laboratory services in the areas of installation of management systems for laboratory operations, installation of the requirements of ISO 17025 for the purposes o accreditation of laboratory services and guidance in setting up of testing laboratories in companies.

The ISO 17025: 2005 standard contained all requirements needed by any testing laboratory in order to demonstrate effective management system, technical competence and capability to generate accurate, valid and reliable test results.

This Standard is a management system standard which could be implemented concurrently with the requirements of ISO 9000/14000/22000/BS 18000. Among the benefits to be derived from the implementation of ISO 17025 are:


a) Evidence of technical competence to generate accurate, valid and reliable test results

b) Aids and form the basis for laboratory accreditation processes by third party agencies

c) Aids the company implementation of ISO 9000 or any other management system standards

d) Aids inter laboratory comparisons of results and acceptance of testing and calibration results

e) Facilitates cooperation between laboratories and other bodies, exchange of information and experience and harmonization of standards, test methods and procedures.